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I found this really interesting online degree program to earn a Master’s Degree in English Education and Special Education. It is interesting because it also allows you to complete your licensure requirements.

This degree program allows you to complete your Masters at your own pace with no other requirements but your computer. Your materials will all be sent to your laptop through online access. You meet with your mentor and other students that way, too.

After you finish the courseload online, they place you in a six month teaching program in which you are in class teaching. So, not only do you get the theory, but you have some hands on practice. The university is called Western Governor’s University, and it is based in Utah, USA.

My husband is a journalist and listed skeptic in his bio. He looked it up and found that it is accredited. I wonder if the state where I live will accept this university. I will have to look it up this week.

I submitted a great short story about authoritarian governments to a young adult publisher and am waiting to hear back. I liked the short so much that it was hard to send it in. I kept thinking that if it was rejected, it would be like one of my children getting rejected at school.

The main character in the short story is a young adult who likes to play the clarinet and whose world is torn apart (gently) when this dictator takes over her country. I never say what country it is, who the dictator is or anything. I wanted to be a cautionary tale emphasizing that it could happen anywhere. I wanted it to be about freedom and how there are some places where freedom is not necessarily just about being in a dungeon or a work camp.

Those places are terrible and horrifying, but for this young girl and her family, particularly her mother, it was less dramatic.

The reason why I am interested in this online degree program is because of this little story. As I wrote and shared my story, I really appreciated being able to read and write. Everyone should be able to read and write well. It feels great to be able to get your idea down and to share it with someone else. What if after graduating this program, I won’t just be sending my own stories in for others to read, but I will be helping others write their own stories for others to read? It will be like some kind of word avalanche. Maybe some stories will be so good that everyone will tell it to their kids.

My Bachelor’s Degree program taught me so much about writers. I learned about Ana Menendez and Oscar Wu. I read Alex Haley and Toni Morrison. I read Byron and Shelley. All of these people had things to say. The Masters is just about teaching others. It will be about learning how to teach others the way that I was taught. When you are learning, you are in the act of learning. You still don’t know pedagogy or the science of teaching others what you know.

My husband said that he had an algebra teacher that told him that it didn’t matter if he learned the material or not because “he would never use it.” I saw a video of a teacher once who sat down at the front of the class and read stuff on her cell phone while the classroom erupted into chaos around her. I mean, there were literally people throwing desks. Teachers matter. It is probably one of the most difficult professions.

A downside about the Masters degree program is that it will take money to complete the program. There are student loans and grants and other helps. I am frightened that if I take out a loan to get the degree, I might not be able to pay it back.

Other downsides to the program are the technical requirements. How will I get online? What if something breaks?

Me. What if I break?

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