Managing with writer’s block

I have been writing for submission and publication but can’t seem to be able to write openly right now. I feel exposed and vulnerable. I have writer’s block.

In school, they always told us to battle writer’s block by writing about something that you care about for yourself. If you can’t, then write about writer’s block.

My writer’s block is a snail monster that eats up the little life in a garden. The most common snails in the garden of my writing life are having too much to do and having too little focus. I feel that I can write and that I have stuff to say, but for some reason, I can’t seem to pick the one thing that I need to do first.

Many weeks ago, I posted that I wanted to study and post my results. At the same time, I was doing the Slice of Life challenge and that took its toll. I began having doubts about the quality of my writing so I wallowed in this depressing and ugly state for a while. (I ate a lot of fast food.) This was not helpful at all.

Then, Pentecost arrived and I felt revived and happy. I still couldn’t seem to show up to the page other than morning writing in a journal and my paid work.

Yesterday, I helped my husband film a short about one of his books for an online event and realized that I had to seek help. I checked online for writing exercises and looked in my Writer’s Digest issue for a writing prompt and I will see if those things help.

  1. Write about writer’s block in your own way.
  2. Write about something that you care about.
  3. Write about when the block started.
  4. Allow yourself a break.
  5. Do something that is creative in another way. (Paint, sing, dance, etc.)
  6. Seek help online for prompts.

I hope that this ultra-short post helps someone. Blogging is fun because it helps the person blogging and the person reading.


2 thoughts on “Managing with writer’s block

  1. Helen, I’ve been missing your writing voice, and it was so good to hear it today when reading. I like your list, esp. #4 & #5. I also was intrigued with “…the snail monster that eats up the little life in a garden.” It’s a beautiful image being vulnerable. Hang in there. You and your writing are a blessing.


    1. Thanks Nancy. It’s nice to hear from you. Your feedback always helps me.


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