Writing response papers by the checklist

We can do this! In the post containing the checklist, the elements of fiction were listed to help analyze what you read. But now that you have those terms, what do you do with them?

Start with the list of terms and copy/paste them into a blank document. After each term, take notes describing your experience reacting to the text. So, when the list says expectations, or what do you expect from the text, write down what you expected when you read the title. When you read plot, you describe what you read in the story. What was the sequence of events in the story? Continue with the other elements of fiction, one by one.

After you’ve filled in the blanks, you will have notes which you will use to write a response paper. The response paper could be called an open form of writing. These notes will fill out the meat of your paper and ensure that the work will be your own. The work will sound like you. Do not refer to third voices. For a response paper, it is between you and the writer of the text, or with the text itself depending on your theory.

Then, you will write the paper. Start off with a summary of the work in the first paragraph, then keep writing adhering to the list of elements of fiction. If you are responding to non-fiction, concentrate on telling the story contained in the facts within your story. This will be the body of your response paper. The length of the response paper depends on the rhetorical situation. Are you writing a response to a poem, a song or a short story? Are you writing for your class, for a group of strangers who are trying to decide whether to buy the text or for your friend who just wrote the text?

The conclusion of the paper will not just summarize your response, it will describe your ideas to the reader in a way that will leave a memorable phrase, sentence or idea in her mind. This is called a clincher. It will wrap things up.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope that you got something out of it.


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  1. Wow! Do you have a YouTube channel? This stuff is golden.

    You could put this in a video and many would view it. 🤗💜


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