Day of Rest

It was a Sunday unlike any other. We really had a nice day.

It started out with a great breakfast at home. We made scrambled eggs and ate them right with some low-fat turkey pepperoni. (It’s better than sausage, really.) We had toast with strawberry preserves that had some large chunks of strawberry in them. I had this green tea concoction that had a little lemon for zest in it but was not too overpowering. I love green tea. I buy the decaffeinated kind because I am very sensitive to caffeine. I actually start to shake.

My husband worked on the editing for the newspaper while I worked on the novel. It’s going to be a cyberpunk romance that I have been dreaming about doing for two years. I have the outline and NaNoWriMo kind of inspired me to take some time and just write it down.

After the sun came down, we decided to take a walk around the yard and take pictures.

with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, by Helen Lemus on 4/18/2021

My husband calls these rain lillies because they come out after it rains. I found them in front of the house and was really excited because they don’t stay around too long. They rapidly disappear. It was nice to see them springing out from the hard dirt amidst all of that grass.

with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by Helen Lemus on April 18, 2021

This is the latest bud on the hibiscus plant that we are trying to nurture back to health in the back yard. She was really drooping when we got her. We named her Vahna and gave her all kinds of care. Then, the landscape artist pruned her one day and she has never been the same. She still grows but not as bushy.

Anyway, she has a new bud and can’t wait to show it off to the world.

with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by Helen Lemus on April 18, 2021

This plant just popped out of the ground last year. When it first appeared underneath the mailbox, I felt sorry for it because it was so small. I was wondering about it. It looked so beautiful with its shiny, green leaves. Now, the plant is five feet tall and as you can see has nice large fronds. The plant is some kind of palm tree. We’re going to have to move it because it is too close to the house. Neither of us wants to mess with it because it is a living thing. It’s beautiful, too.

with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by Helen Lemus on April 18, 2021

I wanted to take this picture of the oak tree in front of the house because the sun behind it made it seem so ethereal. It was somewhat fay. The sun’s rays were so golden that it seemed like they were spun from a fairy queen’s hair.

After our trip to the garden, we came in the house and I made us a little dinner. It was a nice relaxing Sunday and very necessary because we are always running around and stressing about money, the house, the work, the cats, you know…

The cats are momentarily at peace because the air conditioner broke down. It seems that they are too hot to fight. Poor babies.

2 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. You have so many little treasures in your yard. Thanks for sharing. This is reads like an ideal day of rest.

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    1. I want to find out the “real” names for those rain lillies. They’ve left already.


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