Returning to the world

Yesterday was the first day that my husband and I went to the public library. There weren’t that many people there. We went to a great movie on Friday which took place in a Mall. It is called Dolphin Mall. We love it there.

The thing about going to these places that really had an impact on me was the joy that I felt being there. It was nice to be able to be there and actually see other people doing what other people do. There were people at their consoles and waiting at their stations in the library. At the mall, there were people walking around with shopping bags and children with their parents. Even if everyone was wearing a mask, there was a new closeness, an incredible feeling that we were human and we had survived something incredibly fearful together.

Before these two outings, we had confined ourselves to the house and had only gone out to our medical appointments and to shop for food. It was horrible to be away from church. We had eaten at a couple of fast food restaurants when we saw that there were few people inside. The vaccines are now available in our state and we took advantage. He received his Pfizer shot, I got the Moderna.

Once we received our second shots, it was like we had been set free. My husband felt a relief, but he was still cautious he said. He said that there was still a possibility that there would be a variant that would hurt us and therefore, we had to still be careful. I wash our clothes when we get home. We both wash up carefully after getting home from outside.

He is a reporter. He has been getting stories by calling people or emailing people. They answer his questions and send him pictures when he asks. The quality of the pictures aren’t that great all the time, but he is a professional so the pictures that he takes are superb. He sets a high bar. It is nice to see him succeed in spite of the coronavirus. I have seen him find a way.

At the library yesterday, there was hand sanitizer at the entrance and the people were all behind these plexiglass windows. The computers were separated by those plexiglass panels so that people could be protected from each other. It was kind of spooky to see that people had to be so separated, but that didn’t matter. We were able to write together and be in a place where we used to go all the time. It was wonderful to return to a little part of the world.

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