The New Sunday

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday and a day to reflect on how to be a little kinder and more loving to others. I watched Mass on the internet. They broadcast it from the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Massachusetts. The Cardinal who gave the homily said many beautiful things.

He quoted Saint Faustina. I remember hearing once long ago that if the Divine Mercy Chaplet was recited over a dying person that person would receive divine mercy. He quoted the passage from Saint Faustina’s diary that described a vision she had that showed her that.

She was by a dying man and fell into a trance. In this trance, she saw the man’s soul struggling against many devils. She recited the chaplet and the horrible creatures fled in terror says the diary.

I know that I can be kinder. I can start at home. How can we be more merciful? Maybe we can be more patient with someone who is demanding. Maybe we can do more chores so that our family members don’t have to. Maybe we can pray to God that we can let go of grudges.

It doesn’t always have to involve money. It can be just listening to someone who wants to talk.

Can’t we work towards peace?

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