Furiously at work

I have been working on the house, the music and the writing lately. Every waking moment is full of activity. The times when I would be laughing and joking with my husband have been taken over by the work.

I am writing for the magazine that I contribute to and working on a novel. I have written three works of poetry but never a novel. I am taking advantage of every resource. Right now, I took NaNoWriMo up on their offer of taking part in their camp for April. They want to help me keep track of my progress, plus cheer me on. The whole experience with this blog is so rewarding. I love posting.

My editor is fabulous. She is very understanding and wonderful. She is a great one to work with. My husband is great. His projects are going through a creative spurt, too. He is working on a short story and working on the newspaper where he is a writer and editor. My friends are supportive and read my stuff.

My husband, who is a great wit, said that he was going to get two bins for his desk. He is going to mark one “stuff” and the other “nonsense.” So, this is my current stuff.

I hope that this is all relatable. I don’t feel overwhelmed, just happily busy.

Thanks for reading. More tomorrow.

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  1. Great post to update your life style daily live 🌷🆒


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