I don’t really care if you drool,

Or if at night you snore.

You’ve made my dream come true,

And rocked me to my core.

Someday, we’ll both be older,

But as long as we hold hands,

I will be happy and at peace,

Though exiled to foreign lands.

You’re the Desi to my Lucy

And my personal Superman.

You fulfill my deepest longings, love.

You have finalized the plan.

We share so much that I forget,

Where I end and you begin.

We fall into each other at night,

And rise in the morning again.

Can it be true that you are mine,

And not playing some stupid game?

That would just break my heart

And be a wretched shame.

Looking in your eyes has an appeal

That lures me away from sadness.

Your smile is bright light in darkness

And a way to fight lonely madness.

I am glad to do small things for you

That make all the difference.

Our love keeps growing every day

Into the heights of magnificence.

If you laugh, I will laugh along

If you cry I will help you stop.

You are my love so don’t forget

We are at the mountain’s top.

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