I was published in an online zine about film and video. It’s great to be working with my editors. They are two excellent female professionals.

I had purchased the Writer’s Market Guide and found them in it. I wrote them a letter, and they wrote back. Then, I negotiated terms and was hired. Then, I sent them a list of articles that I found were in their niche. Prospects. Pitches. They liked one of them.

I wrote the article, was published and paid on St. Patrick’s Day. Now, they commissioned another piece which I am working on now. I have to tweet the interviewees and am apprehensive. All of my previous experience involved in-person interviewing, voice recorders and fast note taking. Tweets seem to be so public that it doesn’t seem to sound like a good way to conduct an interview. Maybe, I will set up the interview and conduct it using email. Might work.

I have a deadline. My deadline is not too stressful. In the newspaper world, I usually had a day or two crank things out, churn. Now, I have four days, but want to get it out in two. It helps them to have things early rather than late.

I am really happy to be working with them. Here’s the link to the first story:

The story is about how a great research resource called Issues & Controversies wins an award for superb innovation and performance.

Hope you like.

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