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I picked out the Washington Post article to read on my device because of the headline. It yelled out about a concerning disparity between the aid disbursed to American Black farmers in comparison to American White farmers. As I read the article, I became progressively more incensed at the Trump administration and their handling of the farmers’ needs after COVID tore up their trade. They received 0.1% of the aid. What?

Why was there such a difference? It wasn’t fair.

Then, I read the sentence that really made the article strange. It introduced a separate problem. It talked about the problems plaguing the American food distribution and production system summing it up with a short remark.

“With 70% of Americans considered obese, it is evident that something must be done about the nation’s food production industry.”

I know. English teachers, you will please forgive me for my failure to adequately attribute this sentence. I will put it in a comment or something.

I was participating in a support group for people who wanted to lose weight. One of the first things that they talked about was the business of food. Our food is loaded with additives and sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup that is designed to be so tasty that we are addicted quickly, buying more, increasing their profit margins and our waistlines.



They were disconnected, it seemed. Was it? Who were the obese people? It is the people who can’t afford to buy the food that will keep them healthy or people like me whose cultural tastes include eating a lot of fried food. It is also the people who don’t have time to plan out the type of diet that a nutritionist would design.

It is not just about aesthetics. Obesity kills. It leads to a myriad of other problems like hypertension, diabetes and heart ailments. I seemed to care less about what I was putting in my mouth when I was sad. Also, I ingest a lot of salty food when I am bored. Those are my triggers.

What about the disparity with the aid distribution? Was the administration trying to dissuade American Black farmers from farming? Crunching them out of existence? What was it? Did it mean to drive these people into penury, or was it just a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the other farmers cried out louder?

So many questions. Shucks. I can’t seem to find that article. Still. Sometimes, good writing will get you to asking questions that later you will answer on your own.

Edited on 10/27/2021

This link will take you to a CDC report on obesity


3 thoughts on “Weight Control

  1. Phew! Lots and lots and lots that is heavy here!! Like you, I find the statistics about support given to white farmers vs. black farmers incredibly disturbing. And like you, I attend a support group for managing my weight. One time, a woman in the group, who happens to be a nurse specializing in geriatrics said this, “If you visit a senior facility, you will almost never see an elderly person who is fat. That’s because being overweight places so much strain on your body, that people don’t live that long.”Definitely something to think about

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  2. Your voice is strong on this topic as it often is when you’re writing about inequities, unfairness, and other emotion tugging topics. I love your last paragraph and the humble, “Shucks.” It provides hope knowing that the author is going to figure this all out.


  3. Wow! I love how you took us on a journey of your mind as you read, pondered and considered this article, and really paid enough attention to that one sentence to set in motion your piece. Thank you for that thoughtful walk we got to take with you. You too have left me with much to think about.

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