Did the sight of me make you need to look away?

It was an almost visceral reaction. I noticed.

You did not know what else to do.

It could have so easily been you.

If you had taken the expressway that morning,

Instead of your favorite country road,

Then the semi would have probably hit you.

You would not have made it to your comfortable,

Colorful, cacti-filled cubicle.

You would have probably ended up in the ICU.


Death and illness, human suffering makes us so

Uncomfortable, like the sight of me.

I feel uncomfortable here, in my chair.

Goin’ nowhere soon.

I am working on my GED.

They promise me that it will unlock doors

To worlds of possibilities.

A man in a suit looks good sitting down.

I won’t ever get a motorized.

I want to work the arms,

Just in case I have to pick you up someday.

8 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. Great poem – it provides a window for able bodied individuals to glimpse into the world of an individual with disabilities.
    Your opening line is a great hook.

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    1. Thanks for reading. Glad that you liked the poem.

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  2. “I want to work the arms,
    Just in case I have to pick you up someday”

    Your last lines here are a powerful ending to what came before, the poem weaving us into looking, seeing, noticing … Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Yes. I liked writing the last line, too. Glad that you liked the poem.


  3. Beautiful poem. Wow, I have chills. Thank you for sharing this unseen side of life for so many people.


  4. So powerful! I love the last line. Thank you for sharing your work.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment.


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