The Lost Kids

This pandemic has placed all of us in difficult conditions to say the absolute least. There are so many deaths, sick and suffering people that you wonder how we can still laugh.

I don’t know about you, but that has always been how I cope.

Now, I am really thinking about the kids who are stuck or lost. There are children who have lost their grandparents. I can’t fathom it. My abuela was the single most important being in my childhood. She was truly around all the time. Her attitudes, mannerisms and skills shaped me like clay. These kids of COVID19 will lose an incredible part of their lives. How can we cope with that? They are resilient, but we need to honor them enough to recognize their losses.

And, what about the kids whose grandparents, thankfully, did not succumb to the illness, but had to be separated from them? A lost year. All of those times were just clipped off like a piece of warm blanket in cold weather leaving them exposed to painful separation.

I can’t laugh about this. These kids will never know those times. It’s a betrayal. They want to reopen the schools because they think that this will allow the country to return to normal, whatever that means when over a half a million people have died, but it’s just too soon.

Teachers are human beings and until the vaccine and the threat has passed can we just ignore their lives, their health and their livelihood? The kids in their classes deserve to see their teachers safe and healthy, and doing this over a Zoom connection or whatever is better than not at all.

We do not rush good things unless we don’t care about the results. It takes time to do things right. If we rush the response to the vaccinations and go back to school before it is healthy to do so just to fulfill some power play, it’s the kids that are going to suffer.

I was home schooled for a portion of my childhood, before the internet, but my mother was able to be at home. I had severe problems adjusting once I returned to a traditional setting. It was so bad that I will caution anyone to avoid allowing schools to reopen until it is healthy to do so. That sounds like a contradiction, right? Let me explain.

Because I was home schooled, I always felt like an outsider. Now, with the pandemic, all kids are sharing the experience. If you return before everyone is ready, a large percentage of children will feel badly and suffer the loss of support from peers and teachers. If you wait, the experience will be a collective return. It will be healthier.

I am not a teacher. I am a freelance writer who was homeschooled went off to the military got married and then came back and graduated cum laude at a great school. I am not successful in many ways, but feel good about myself and am healthy. I studied at the University to be a writing instructor and was doing well. I hope to do it again someday, when it is safe for everyone. No more Lost Kids.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Kids

  1. Wow! You were courageous to write about a tough topic, and I learned a lot more about you. My hope for you is that you’ll be able to go back to the University to become a writing instructor because you will be awesome at it.


    1. I really appreciated this post, especially those thoughts about not rushing things unless we don’t care about the results (that describes education so well) and the point about how much healthier a collective return is, how much healthier a safe return is.


      1. Thank you. I am glad that you liked it.


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