Trina’s Magic Shoes

She did not want to ever go back to school. She knew that she had to, but she was not going to like it. Trina Carvalho arrived in her room and grabbed the rods above her bed to help her get out of her chair. Her arms were so strong that she knew that she could kill Sassy Parilla and Milly Tia. Catching them was too hard though. Trina’s frustration almost made her cry.

“Cart girl,” Sassy had said.

“Look! She’s going to cry,” Milly said and laughed. Her shrill squeals had caught everyone else’s attention. “Cart girl is stuck.”

Trina’s wheelchair was caught in the doorway outside of the bathroom. The wheel had caught itself in a piece of metal protruding from the door guard. Trina could walk, but one of her legs was different at the foot making it difficult and painful.

“You know, you could come help,” Trina said.

“We could, but watching you sweat is more fun, freak,” said Sassy.

Trina lifted herself up using her arms and pushed simultaneously rocking the wheelchair back and forth. She moved past the metal piece. She cleared the doorway and wheeled past the two young women. They were known to say the same things, phrases that Trina called zombie talk because they seemed devoid of independent thought. They always seemed to be together because they were probably afraid of being by themselves. Trina felt sorry for them, but at times like this they also got on her nerves.

Now, at home she took off her school uniform and looked down at her foot. Then, she noticed the box. It was a shoebox from her doctor. She would finally get her shoes. At first, she felt giddy and pleased, but what would this change?Sassy and Milly would never change. She put the box aside and started to cry.

A slim beam of green light came in through a space between the ceiling and her dresser. She had never noticed the space before. The green light shone brighter and intensified until Trina had to shield her eyes. In the light, a green woman appeared. Trina was a little shocked. Well, the woman looked like one of the fairies in Peter Pan. She would wait to be afraid.

“Why are you crying, friend?” said the fairy.

“I am sick and tired of being picked on because of my foot, if you must know,” said Trina.

“Are you angry?” replied the fairy. “I can cast a spell over those who pick on you.”

“No. I mean, that wouldn’t be fair. I appreciate the thought, though,” said Trina. “Besides, if I lashed out, I would be just like them.”

“I understand. Those shoes are magic. They will let you control things,” said the fairy.

“Those shoes are just cute crutches to help me walk,” said Trina.

“You can say that if you would like. To my way of thinking, those shoes are magic.” The fairy brought the box up to Trina and showed her the shoes. “Don’t you like them?”

“They are pretty,” said Trina. The fairy waited by the foot of the bed while Trina put them on. She stood up. Everything trembled, but there was no pain. Trina was not crying anymore. She smiled back at the fairy, but she had disappeared.

“That was all the magic you’ll ever need. It is the art of changing your consciousness at will little one. Sometimes, all you need is to stand up by yourself,” said the fairy’s voice. Trina took a step.

It would take months before she could wear her shoes to school. All of the taunts by Sassy Parilla and Milly Tia kept her smiling because she remembered the fairy’s advice. Sassy lost her place on the cheerleading squad when she was caught making jokes about the leader. Milly ended up moving away. After that, Sassy was just not quite so sassy anymore.


5 thoughts on “Trina’s Magic Shoes

  1. Stephanie Affinito March 10, 2021 — 11:49 am

    Oh, what a story. You had me hooked from the start right to the last sentence: Sassy was not quite so sassy anymore. Beautiful.


    1. Thank you for reading. Sassy was short for sarsparilla which causes kidney disease and cancer.


  2. Great little story with a great big heart! Wonderful dialogue and message. I picture the shoes as red high tops like the ones at the top of your page:)


    1. I originally was going to go with some Doc Martens, but the red high tops were cuter. Thanks for reading.


  3. You created a strong female character who became even stronger at the end. Excellent job showing the disability as opposed to telling the reader about it.


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