Keeping up with Life

Got up early because I had to even though every fiber of my being wanted to stay in bed. Did my morning pages and then my 1,000 words of work on the memoir. Then pulled out the exercise machine while listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers while thinking of my garden while thinking of the day while thinking of Anthony Kiedis background and whether he would hate me just because.

Watched my husband sleep and thought about cooking to keep his pressure under control and helping him with the pitch for his screenplay that I think would make a great movie. Consider what would happen if spaceships ran on steam power, and evil really could be conquered.

Put the water on for the tea and looked down to see Tommy, the thunder cat, looking back up at me with his empty food dish near his paw. I talked with him because I am of the opinion that children of all types should be talked with often. I gave him some Fancy Feast and took a breath. Looked in on the husband and saw him sleeping happily, so cute.

Checked my email for news from my editor. She hasn’t gotten back to me about new story assignments. Have a story that I have to do for another online publisher. Have the idea, but cannot seem to write it down.

In the bathroom now scrubbing furiously at my teeth. Look at myself in the mirror and see a stranger. It’s all right. Just a new phase of development. He knocks on the door.

The fun will now begin. I exit. He enters. He is on the phone with his publisher already, a dynamic man who likes hot dogs. My husband likes veggie burgers. I like chilli dogs. His cat comes out and fights with my cat. Growling and hissing, they roll around. Are they happy? Is this how they say good morning?

Husband is out of the bathroom. He pecks me on the cheek and tells me that there was a problem with one of the stories that he did for the newspaper’s last issue, some typo. Should he worry? I tell him that it will blow over and tell him about JFK and the Berliners.

Got a response from my editor. She liked my last story. Next one? I have to hunt because that’s my job, I assume. My cat is resting in front of my left foot. If I move it, his eyes follow it. Husband is cooking breakfast while I check on comments on the assorted blogs. Everything is all right. There is some marketing, but even that is no nicely done that I don’t mind it. I have to start thinking rationally about the week ahead. Tea first.

i pray for world peace and health by myself. My husband and I will pray together before eating. He asks me how I want the eggs. Cooked. Haha.

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to join you this morning to get a glimpse how the start of a day unfolds in a family of writers.

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