Gold on Pastel Blue

Whisps of golden cotton make us say, “Wow.”

They make us remark that God is an Artist.

He creates a new sunset every evening

Out of water and hydrogen atoms, nitrogen too.

He will add a little ozone and a lot of oxygen to the stew.

We will see all of this as gold against pastel blue.

I hold your hand and thank Him really hard

Because you are in my life.

You promise me that when the vaccines have had a chance

To work within our systems rendering us invincible

You will go with me to my beloved beach

To sit below the massive blue, next to the all-encompassing azure

On top of the endless yellow to wait for

Gold on Pastel blue.

I hope that you never meet the Artist

Without your brushes because

Artists help each other.

It will be nice to meet a kindred spirit

With the palette to create his sunset.

8 thoughts on “Gold on Pastel Blue

  1. What beautiful imagery you create in this poem! The color theme that you weave throughout paints a beautiful picture of the sky, relationship, and faith.


  2. “Gold on pastel blue.” I love that image! We have beautiful sunsets in Colorado, where I live, but usually with a lot more pink and orange than gold. And like you, I’m longing for beach time. Soon, I hope!

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    1. Hey, maybe we’ll meet on the strand. I’ll be the one without a tan. Haha.


  3. Today is a good day for poetry… well, any day is but some days we need it more than others. And beaches too.

    Sunsets… all recognizable as sunsets but so much variety. I moved to Colorado from New Mexico (another noted sunset state)


    1. Yeah, you know all about that striking beauty of the Earth and Sky.

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  4. Sunsets always get me. How great to look at a sunset and think of the promise of a new day.


    1. Yes. It’s like another birthday.

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