The New World

I arrived in Southern Germany in the winter. There was snow on the ground, and she was impossible. The redhead had been assigned by the military to be my sponsor there until I learned the ropes. I just could not understand her. I had never met anyone so naturally cheerful and friendly. Like I said, she was impossible.

She showed me the base, the local town and even invited me to her home. We watched football and drank beer. She even had freckles! Stunning woman, she was. I was proud to be in her shop.

Germany was like her. The roads were easy to navigate. Once you were on a road, you basically had the right of way as long as you were on a priority road, as they called them. They had yellow signs. It was very relaxing to drive in Germany, even when you were driving over 100 miles an hour on the Autobahn. She was easy going, but spirited.

I remember being with her at the office and laughing about something in a word puzzle. For me, I had to understand that there were no more gangs and no more thieves. I had to remember that this was Germany and I would be there for four years. I would get used to walking and driving on snow, but she would always be impossible for me to understand. I liked her, but I could never understand her ways.

She probably couldn’t understand me either.

One day, I realized that I had gotten used to Germany, that New World. I lived in a second story apartment with my husband and pets. That day arrived with crisp snow on the ground. I actually opened the door to the balcony, knowing full well that a blast of frozen air would hit my face, and stepped outside. I took a deep breath and smiled. Around me, the trees, grass and street were covered with a thin layer of white powder. It was like an enchanted scene for under the Christmas tree. My cat padded out also. We just stood there, happy. We had left the skyscrapers, noise and crime of Miami a whole ocean away. I had become impossible.

7 thoughts on “The New World

  1. I like how you pieced this slice together. The ending with understanding that you belong there is beautiful.


  2. I read this two times to make sure I was catching the right meaning. It’s clear that although the transition took some time that you were able to adjust positively to new, and less threatening surroundings. Makes me curious about how the rest played out.


    1. I finished my years on the base, but she left for another base soon after we met. I would love to reconnect. Wow! It’s been many years.


  3. Going abroad is so eye opening, but it does take time to see it all and understand it and understand your place in it. I had to do some rereading on this piece, too, but I found that a good thing. It was as if I were in a foreign place too. I like your style and your use of short sentences. Wow, Miami and Southern Germany are such a contrast.


    1. I wanted it to remind me of my speech patterns in the military where it pays to keep it short and sweet.


      1. Now I love your short sentences. They were intentional and symbolic.

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