Now this blog is just filled with writings and musings. There are even a couple of short stories. I am going to go in a different direction from now on. I am just going to follow a new path that might be a little frustrating in the beginning because I have never done something like this before.

I have three books. In a self-paced study, I am going to work with these books and post about my experiences with the books. I know that it will improve my writing. If you, random reader, are an English Composition teacher, this might interest you. If you are a student, it might interest you, too.

I am reading for fun and plan to do some essays and reviews. It’s all for the sake of literature and its spread. I am currently reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and am enchanted (forgive the pun). I have read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamotte, The Cubans by Anthony de Palma and Reverie by Ryan la Sala. All of the books were inspiring and inspired. I completed the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron but have this sneaking suspicion that that work goes on eternally.

I plan to write a little about each book before starting to work with them. At the same time, I will be working with vlogging on my YouTube channel. Hopefully, this work will do some good.

Does this new focus impede the goal of the original blog? I think that it refines the purpose of the blog. Instead of drifting aimlessly through the universe of ideas related to freedom, it will concentrate on literature and composition.

I am writing this because it is necessary for my head to put it in writing so that I can refer back to it. It is also crucial that I am held accountable for deviations from the ideas in the post. I started out wanting to write about setting myself and others free from fear. I know that as I wrote I stopped being so afraid of putting my writing and ideas out there for others to see. I hope that others did the same.


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  1. I love your writing and imagination and your ability to encourage!


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