Mind Tricks and Moods

Sometimes I get really down and sad. I know that there are interventions for this type of thing. My doctor and I work closely, but you know what? Sometimes, there are limits to what all of that can do. I work around them with these mind tricks.

Now, I have talked about bad moods in this post and have not talked about depression which is a medical condition. If you feel bad for over two weeks and nothing seems to help, see someone. It is okay to talk about these feelings. They are feelings and not the defining characteristics of who you are as a person.

  1. Awareness: I know that this sounds like a major “duh” but sometimes I was not aware that I was caught in a bad mood. I kept blaming external influences for my mood. If my husband wouldn’t be so annoying, then I would be in a better mood. If my job was easier, then I would be in a better mood. If the weather would be better, then my mood would be better. Ugh. I just simply was not aware that it was all within me. I was able to change it. Once I knew, then, my mood went from despondent to empowered.
  2. Music. My favorite solution for bad moods and sadness is soft, good music. Before I developed a playlist of my own centered around my fave recording artistes, I would bring up YouTube and search for “relaxing music.” For you, it might be “easy rock” or “classical.” As long as the music leads your mind away from your disturbance.
  3. Forceful shift. I call this a forceful shift because I take my mood and take all the power that I have to shift away from the sadness. I literally just push away from the bad feelings by force. How? I tell myself that I will stop feeling sad. Then, I replace that with another feeling. Even if the other feeling is just numbness. It’s better.
  4. The one thing. There are things that people buy that just looking at them makes them happy. My friend collected GI Joes. He had tons of them. They just made him happy. I have a little toy panda. It does not have to be mature, intelligent or expensive. As long as it makes you happy. If you can’t have the one thing where you are, then close your eyes and think of it. Some people don’t collect items, just memories. It’s all your thing.
  5. Your project. There has to be something that you are interested in, and no matter how much you learn about that thing, it’s never enough. There was a friend of mine that started to read about food. Soon, she started complaining about what went into the food that was sold at our supermarket. Next, she did research into growing and harvesting. Now, she has her own vegetable garden and a much healthier lifestyle. It was her project and it changed her mood from continual frustration to inspired pride. That garden was her project. What will yours be?


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