Writing for me cannot just be some funny thing that I do to pass the time. There is so much that writing does for me and for my family. If I don’t write, take pictures or create, my family goes hungry. I know that people on some wave believe that unless you are installing custom kitchen cabinets, you are not really working. Well, that wave is a lonely, cold wave.

Writers contribute so much to the world. They tell us what is happening in other places, how to install a custom kitchen if we don’t have a handy man, tell us a good story to make us feel more human and make us feel loved in a love letter. Writers work with lawyers, doctors and marketers to create documents that help people online. When you are on a website that you especially like, it might have an attractive design and flashy graphics, but chances are that it has great writing.

All of our culture revolves around the written word. Our oral histories have been written. The Bible, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are all written for us to read. People write down histories of their families. Lovers say “I love you” on letter paper. Ok. Maybe sometimes on email.

So with all that writing going on why do I say there is duty. If so much of our culture revolves around writing, then those who write must be aware that along with the rights come responsibilities. If you write, write clearly and with the people who will read you in mind. It cannot be all about you.

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  1. Wow! On point as usual.👍


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