Get out your broomstick

The patter of large raindrops began after the news came on our local television station. The storm was to keep one of our cats from wanting to go outside. We spent our time listening to the rain and reading Sherlock Holmes. It was really wonderful because the story that I read was satisfying and better still had been written by my new husband an old friend. Yes, they are one person.

The story was called The Phantom Chamber and it was original and clever. What really inspired me, though, was the story of how it was created.

My husband had always loved mysteries and naturally had the desire to write a Sherlock Holmes mystery. He had been a member of Mystery Writers of America and went to dinners. He had read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was motivated. One day, he expressed his desire to his mom. Soon after that, he received a call or letter out of the blue inviting him to write a Sherlock Holmes mystery for an anthology.

Disaster struck. He got really sick. He was afraid that he would not be able to finish the story. He was afraid that he would never be able to work again. His mom told him that he could do it and urged him on. So, he armed himself with some legal pads, pens and a lap desk and began. His mom typed.

It was difficult for him because of the strange malaise. Some days, he was unable to work. He could only sleep, not even eat. But finally, the story was finished.

I know that I have something that presents many obstacles for writing, but there are helps. My professor and my husband both keep reminding me to focus on the positive.

I am going to get out my broomstick, because it’s tired of being in the closet and sweep the dust off of it. Tonight is a beautiful night for a flight around the Magic City, Miami.


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