We finally did it

My fiance and I were married last night. He and I were looking forward to this day for four years. Everything shut down because of the pandemic and we had to wait longer.

We met on the public bus because we don’t drive. We recycle, reuse and ride the bus. We take cloth bags to the supermarket to keep from using plastic. We would like to grow our own food, but the last time we tried we almost ended up in the hospital. We joked that we would find adjacent beds.

We lived five blocks away from one another for a year without knowing before meeting on the bus. We both love sci-fi and fantasy books, are deeply spiritual and he has this big heart that takes in strays. He is so noble.

Our first date consisted of he and I sharing a pizza and discussions of the merits of Ray Bradbury. The pizza was hot and was served on a high steel platter. We ate it off of paper plates with forks and knives. I guess that we wanted to appear to be respectable. He was self-conscious about his hair. I was about my clothes. He was endearing.

Our wedding was simple. He and I swapped rings before the Lord in a beautiful Catholic Chapel. The priest said that our wedding was his favorite of all time. There was really so much love there in that room. My friend from the American Legion gave me away. I made my own veil and my sandals with the bling bling straps did not fit. The groom was happy. We wore our COVID19 masks until it was time to receive communion.

The experience of being married under God gave me my marching orders. During the liturgy, the priest said that I was to emulate the faithful women of the Bible. So there you have it. He is going to re-release a book that he wrote many years ago. I am supposed to do a little proofreading.

I am a writer married to a writer joined in Love and Christ. Happy days.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS HELEN! You did it girl. Blessings always.


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