Focus on Words

When a carpenter starts building a house, she starts by picking good materials. What is the old advice that says that you don’t use sand to build your foundation?

I haven’t written in this space for a long time. I have had many reasons. I suppose that most people don’t understand what the blog is about. I mean, sometimes i talk about Jesus and other times I post strange stories. What is the theme of this blog?

I asked myself and I really could not distill an adequate response. It was like a journal for an exhibitionist.

Now, what could I want to share if I only had one more year of blogging? I asked to see if I could focus this time. What would I want to share?

The language itself is what I love. Where did I get this love and how do I express it? I loved the language first on television and at school. At home, people spoke Spanish, Castellano. I love esa cosa tambien. I love the activity that gives the opportunity to two people to share an emotion and partake. I loved the written word. Absurdly shy, it has always been easier for me to write. I express my love of the language that way, in writing.

Would you like to share what you would focus on if you only had one year left to blog?

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  1. Helen, you write so beautifully. Thanks for sharing your ‘words’ with us.

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