Talk therapy and blogging

Can blogging about a mental disorder, stress or emotional distress help?

Why hide?

Talking about feelings and disturbing problems can make them more manageable for the person experiencing them because of several reasons. It can help with the loneliness and despair. As another person listens and possibly even shares some of his or her own distress, both can give each other a sense of hope. The hope comes from knowing that someone went through a similar situation and not only survived, but grew. It comes from knowing that the situation that seemed to be closing off the rest of the world from the person trying to cope can be managed. The hope also comes from knowing that the illness is not so horrible that no one on earth can listen or face it.

Talking about mental issues with others also serves the community because there exists so much fear in light of the recent tragedies in the USA. People need to meet people who cope with these problems and have never hurt anyone. The nonviolent comprise 97% of the people who are coping with a mental health issue. That statistic is recent from a handout provided by NIMH. They that do become violent make the news. But, if the community knew more of the warning signs because people were feeling free to discuss their feelings instead of hiding them, there would be less tragedy.

I feel very comfortable discussing my discomforts because I know that sometimes it opens a door for someone else to share something that might have been a burden for them for years. There’s nothing to be ashamed of; 48 . 2 million people last year had depression. Let’s get our own brand of talk therapy.

Usually, talk therapy involves a licensed clinician sitting down with you and talking about you. There are music therapists, art therapists and others who use other techniques to get at the root of the disturbing emotion or thought pattern. Sometimes, there are peer led sessions where instead of a clinician, you talk to someone else who has experienced what you have. It’s so wonderful. Finally, you drop the feeling of isolation. Blogging can be an outlet just like art therapy.


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