The Letter of James

Today the reading in the Office was from the letter of James. James was supposed to be a relative of Jesus Christ. I think that he was Jesus’ cousin.

What I read said that we should be quick to listen and slow to speak. If more politicians and leaders followed that, what would the world look like?

Then, the letter of James talked about religion. Chapter 1 verse 27 said that if it is pure, religion should care for orphans and widows in distress.

I am so moved by this reading. When I think of all the work that the Salesians do with young children, I am happy. It seems like my faith practices what is preached. They shelter, feed and clothe young children and give education.

But, I have been in a group home and it is really hard on the children. There are two sides to the issue.

I remember thinking that my mom would come back any day. I remember getting sad a lot because they wouldn’t let me be me. I wonder about how kids feel when they can no longer speak their native language, their hair is cut and their parents are disparaged. When it happened to me, I learned to be sarcastic, cruel and vindictive to survive. So, it takes someone very smart to bring about change.

To take the letter of James and make it work takes a sweet heart.

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