Black or brown or yellow or white
Now is the time for us to unite
We have to get together to make things right
That way we will go into the light.

We are all asking questions
It’s stuff we don’t understand.
It’s all bad history
About our great land.

You might think it’s not so great
I have been all over and know the truth
People here help people
There is always someone bad at the root.

You can’t throw away the wheat
You just let it grow
The chaff will be burned
When God comes to sow.

It seems like it’s taking too long
How many more have to die?
Right now, I am taking a knee
But I am waiting for that light.

Once a black man tried to kill me.
Once a white man saved my life.
Once a brown man tried to kill me
Because I wouldn’t be his wife.

As a woman I pray for the children
Black or brown or yellow or white
Who grow up hungry and poor.
They are the ones for whom we fight.

Let’s fight with words and music and dance
Let’s put it down on paper for the kids to see
The myths we make will last longer than us
Let’s place our trust in life, love and liberty.

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