Why I believe in Jesus.

There were these high, curved ceilings in the church. It had beautiful carvings along the walls stretching up to a cupola painted with gold. The Church had been built in the early days of the city, but something had happened and they had to rebuild.

Above the sanctuary, there is a painting of Jesus with many people around Him. In the painting, He has long curly black hair and a black beard. No longer is He this strawberry blond man with green eyes. It seemed kind of unusual. I was used to seeing him the other way.

In the back or North side of the Church, there was a chapel. It was there that we gathered every day. The night that I want to describe was beautiful. That was one of the nights that stand out in my memory as being revelatory. It was Tai Ze.

I have never heard of it again. The parochial vicar was holding the ceremony. He came in with a guitar and his acolyte came in with the incense. The priest knelt before the crucifix and began to sing and play the guitar.

It was so beautiful. I closed my eyes and was very relaxed, but not drowsy. I felt hyperaware of everything around me especially everyone and their breathing.

After a while, he asked us if there was anything that we wanted really badly. I thought about it. I didn’t want money or anything. I just wanted peace.  I walked up and knelt down. I asked for it very humbly.

That was 18 years ago. The sorts of things that happened to me before don’t happen to me anymore.

I wish that the whole world could experience that peace. We need the peace of Jesus so much right now.

Later, I began working in a situation that was advantageous to me. I made some money and made many friends. It was wonderful. God is so good. There have been ups and downs, but I cannot say that I have been hurt as I had been prior to that night.

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