Pandemic thoughts

The bus lines have been working since the pandemic started. I guess that those buses were disinfected every night. What protocols did they use? Were the people who used the buses safe? We usually use the buses because neither my fiance nor I can drive right now. We are “at risk” so we have not left our house virtually since March 18. But I always thought about the people on the buses and trains. Were they safe? The bus drivers and maintenance workers were safe? My friend told me that the virus remained alive for six hours after it was sneezed out or deposited on a surface. Then, she said that if you touched it, it was on your body and could infect you. I am still not afraid. More people are recovering every day from the virus and the number of cases is going down according to a national news syndicate.

In the county where I lived, they severely restricted the access to the transportation system. People had to be in masks, there were empty seats on the buses which people could not use. People could not get within six feet of the drivers. All these things, I think, contributed to the low number of cases compared to the rest of the country. Plus, people just stayed home.

The poor now have no access to the internet. It was definitely more difficult to make money. People were trying to deliver food, deliver supplies or transport people who did have some money to get money. They used to go to public places like the public libraries to gain access to the internet and hunt for work.

The internet became the center of education and work. If you did not have a hook up at home, your child had difficulty attending classes, you couldn’t see your friends or your doctor. I talked to my doctor over the phone. We couldn’t gather together to worship God. Thank God that we had internet, that way we could watch Mass online. Others did not have that option.

Fear of contact with each other made people isolate in their homes. I saw people that would not visit their friends in person. They stayed home and gained weight. My fiance did not want to leave the house and we didn’t, but we had each other and were lucky.

No one cares enough about life to be willing risk it. But, does all of that amount to not really living life because you’re too scared to risk it? So many people survived the virus, so many recovered.

Food distribution problems made it harder to get food to the poor and the elderly. There were egg shortages, milk shortages, you name it. But something happened. The farmers decided to do something. They bypassed the distributors and started selling the food themselves on the streets.

Everyone was finger pointing.

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