Praying for success

When I have a new project, I usually jump right in and just flounder around trying to get up to speed. Usually, I sink. There’s got to be a better way.

Today, I was reading the Rule. Actually, I was reading the Preface to the Rule. I never used to read the Preface to anything. Well, I am doing things differently now.

I read that before you begin a project, you should beg for God’s assistance in completing the project. It doesn’t just say for us to say a little prayer. It doesn’t just say to make the sign of the cross and jump out of the plane hoping that the parachute opens. It says beg.

Definition of “beg”

To ask earnestly and humbly

So you are honestly asking for God’s help with this project. Now, does this mean that you have taken a moment to consider whether this plan is inkeeping with God’s precepts? Or does this just mean that you are trying to meet your own needs? Why ask for God’s help at all? Are you looking towards God as your hero that will come through while you just wallow in the more of selfish ambition?

Humbly is kind of tied to pride and vainglory. Why do you want to complete the project? Will it help others or just feed you somehow?

When you imagine someone begging, you usually feel either pity or revulsion for the person. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you just want to reach out and help. That is how God is, I think.



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