Maintaining balance requires determination

I always thought that those who could stand on one foot for a long time had some special talent. I had read somewhere that there are parts of the inner ear and the cerebellum that keep people from falling. These body parts need more care as people get older. That being said, I also thought that certain people who had a talent for dancing had higher function in those areas.

Well, now I know that it’s true, but it’s not the final word. Like dance, maintaining spiritual balance requires persistence and dedication. Ever since I started the Psalter every morning, I keep from being irritated at inconsequential things. What is that old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”

But it’s hard, there are so many things. The pets need to be fed, the dishes need to be done or breakfast needs to be made. Something has to be written or something has to be read. The news is on. It is raining. I mean most people don’t live in Abbey where everyone is doing the same thing. Most people have to contend with the neighbors arguing over breakfast in the room next door while it’s time for prayer.

But, you have to do it if you want to or really feel called. I have been getting up extra early and doing the prayers. The downside is that I get sleepy during the day. But, being self employed means that there is wiggle room. Everything else has to be placed in perspective. God, family, friends, nation are the big things.

One thing about Benedictine spirituality that will amaze you is its focus on balance. When you have a scale and you want to keep it in balance you have to take stuff off both sides at the same time. If you want to increase your balance, you have to stand on one foot for a little while every day to cultivate the sense.


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