Little contact

I had to travel today. Since the shutdown, my fiance and I have been only going out once every two weeks. I have to go to the Veteran’s  Hospital for an injection. Everything else can be done over the internet or the phone.

Our government leaders want us back at work, we want to be back at work and our families and friends want to see us in person. We have to do it safely and just because the government wants something, they can’t compel you to take action unless a law is passed. I don’t want to get sick or get my friends sick.

I got my re-usable, washable, cute masks in the mail from Avon three days ago. I am happy because I had run out of the disposable ones that I had been using before. The mask fit and didn’t make my face sweat today when I wore it.

The Uber and Lyft drivers, my nurse, the clerks, Dianne and all of the police were there. These people were just a little contact. Gloria, Fabian and Julio provided transportation.

Gloria, the Uber driver, frustrated me a little. I have been working with this idea about positive energy manipulation. This fellow blogger turned me on to it on WordPress. Anyway, Gloria frustrated me initially because she started the conversation with complaints. She was complaining about how the masks were uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I had been happy to wear my mask because it was my business and they were very comfortable and breathable. So, I just told her that my mask was not uncomfortable. Then the energy changed and all was good. 

It was a great day. I got to see my beautiful nurse, Paula. She has this long, flowing hair that is rich and luscious. She loves to smile and used to love coffee. Amelia, Deano and Michael were there at the desk. They were flowing positivity and it was great. Amelia, I think, is sick of wearing masks. She just had a baby. She seems so young to be a mom, but I think that she is going to be a great mom.

Dianne and Runie work at the cafe. They were rushing to leave. Dianne almost ran to her car, and Runie was at the bus faster than our Lyft made it out of the parking lot.

Father Manny gave me some great information about a story that I wrote for the paper. I was so happy to get it to the editor when I did. I wish that I had more time to work on the story. Anyway, all was done and the blue corn tortilla chips came from the supermarket. Rafael was the Shipt driver who brought the food. My cat wanted food and affection. All this contact is bringing joy to the world.



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