The long walk home

It was nice to finish the writing project before it was due. I can’t begin to count the number of times that procrastination had cornered me into an over caffeinated, anxiety ridden space when I tried to finish the work before the yelling started.

I hope you liked the story about Kiko, the koala bear. I wonder if an eight year old girl would like it. When I was eight, I loved reading about animals like Kiko. I wanted to write something very short. I am trying to see if that story was flash fiction or if anyone could see it as a picture book. We’ll see.

I am not stopping to find out.

My next story is a little sad. It’s about war and the types of ways people die in war. It tells the story of three men trying to make it back to their home base after a battle that kills the rest of their platoon. The story is about loyalty and duty.

I am kind of happy with it. Enjoy.

Happy reading.

To drink from the stream by the wayside

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