Monday morning

I asked why we would get sick at all? What should I do if I was sick? Prayer seemed like such a weak thing to do. After all, wasn’t prayer what you did when you had run out of options?

Not anymore. Now, prayer for me is fuel and sustenance. I rely on prayer to uplift me and to lead me back to my primary purpose on this planet.

I am to praise and reverence God and by that to save my soul.

Here’s a prayer if you’re sick:

Dear Jesus, You suffered and died for us. Please teach me to understand my suffering as You do. Help me to bear my suffering in union with You. Lead me to offer my suffering with Yours in atonement for my sins, so as to bring Your grace to souls in need.

Calm my fears and strengthen my trust in You, Loving Lord. May I come to accept Your holy will, and become more like You through the trials in my life. If it be your will, restore me to health so that I may offer my efforts and energies for Your honor and glory, and for the good of all humanity. Amen.

I used to feel peculiar about praying this because it did not specifically ask for an end to suffering. Now, I know that when you pray for suffering to stop and it doesn’t quickly enough, discouragement sets in. Besides, Jesus never promised a life without suffering. He just said, “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be consoled.” He just said that He would be with us always. That’s through the bad times, too.

This prayer came from an order of sisters who have a community up in CT.

Look them up at Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church


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