Why I just don’t comment

There are many times when I don’t talk about what is going on or what has gone on. Early in my life, I heard someone say that history is written by the winners. If so, that meant to me at the time that history was something that was flexible. I just did not absorb it. I remembered and memorized concepts and personalities, but dates and locations remained fluid for me. I just did not trust the winners.

So, from a young age, I just talked about things that I had a personal memory of or spoke to people and asked them questions about their memories. That was truth.

Right now, I can talk about many things that have to do with the virus, but I won’t talk about numbers. Who’s the one that can truly report those figures? I am going to focus on two things: hope and love.

A person with a disease that can kill her needs both.

Where does she get them?

My friend found love because she asked about rubbing alcohol. My friend is older and she asked for rubbing alcohol to disinfect her hands. Four different people just gave her the stuff with a smile.

Here in Miami Dade, the entire community is mobilized to help the needy. Food banks are open, farmers are selling on the streets, grocery stores are setting up special hours. It’s amazing.

I know that many people are sick. I have been sick most of my life. It’s not for the faint of heart. You have to keep relying on God and keep stretching. In the morning, or whenever you wake up, stretch and breathe. If you are on a machine, focus on the clean air. It might not smell like your favorite spot, but it is clean air and it is making you healthy.

Please be ok. You are our moms, our dads and our families and we love you. We will feast again. Knowing that I would hear Mass sung again kept me going while I was in the hospital for months. Every single person needs her own hope.

We can survive.

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