Being a writer

I don’t know when it started for me. My mom walked me into a library and it was home. It felt nicer than home. We applied for cards and went home with some books. I was so happy. I read the books and became a voracious reader at that time.

Later, I wrote a poem that won a prize. Then, another came along. When I was in high school, I would write different versions of the same essay, just to pick the right one. But, I was always too shy to call myself a writer.

I was just a girl.

That reluctance followed me my whole life and destroyed every chance that I would have at a legitimate writing career. Because I never thought that I was good enough, I never tried. I did everything but seek publication. I burned my drafts or threw them away.

I was unhappy.

Now, I understand that writing is a great way to serve God. It is a great way to help people. A play, a film, a book or an article can lift a person’s spirit. Writing is the best thing about living under God’s blue sky because it helps with the grey skies. Writing leads you up mountains and down waterfalls. Writing brings us together and makes us argue. It also clarifies what we are thinking because sometimes speech happens too quickly for people to be able to digest. I love writing. You can share writing.

I am happy.

My market guide is nearby and I am working on a project for pay. I love writing in this blog because it is freeform.

Goobblygookly dip hoorah!

I can say that and get away with it. 

I majored in English in college, but can’t be a stand-up teacher because of my illness. That would have been the regular route for someone in my position. Instead, I am embarking on the journey of freelance writing. An editor friend says that it entails taking an unspoken vow of poverty.

There are so many people right now who are reevaluating their careers.

I wonder how many people will go back and do the same things the same way. Will we just decide to follow our dreams even while we are working at that temporary job to make ends?

Come on! Let’s get in touch. What do you want? What do you really want? Take a piece of paper and at the top of the paper write out “what do I really want?”

Then, take several deep breaths and imagine yourself doing something, anything that makes you happy. It can be something from your childhood that brought you joy, like my writing did for me. Open up your eyes and write that down and put a date next to it.

If you can’t write, then open up your phone and record your voice. There is usually a little voice recorder in each phone that will help you with this step. Be as specific as possible and describe what you saw.




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