528Hz Healing Freq

Sonic water caressed my insides  and made me feel relaxed.  I just sat back. I am not advanced enough to keep my eyes closed for too long.

The music has an undertone at a specific frequency that stimulates certain centers of your brain which relax you.  I am so serious.  I had two cups of coffee and the music still kept me still and chill.  The YouTube channel that I was watching was Spirit Tribe Awakening.  I loved them.

I have to relax.  I have a heart  thing.  They have never told me anything. Once,  I was in the hospital for something else and they said my heart needed potassium  and they gave me these large pills and an EKG.  They seemed to be satisfied with my reaction to the potassium.

Another time,  I collapsed and ended up in the hospital on a heart monitor.

For years,  they would give me EKG’s and murmur about tachycardia.  I am really sedentary and used to smoke.

I am trying to change my lifestyle and am making progress.

Well thanks to The Spirit Tribe, I am taking Monday slow.


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