Someone once told me, “You grow where you are planted.” At the time, I thought about beautiful plants growing skyward, green leaves and bright, colorful flowers on their stems. Now, I just think of being in one place forever. It’s a little like being buried. I guess that it’s morbid.

So, now I am not a seed any more. I am not a seedling either. I have grown up tall. But, the thing about plants is that they just keep growing. I just heard that banana trees have a set lifespan. So all I have to do is make sure that I accept water, fertilizer and Sun.

What’s different is that we get to decide what we are going to eat. Plants are at the mercy of their caretakers and God. Well, we are taken care of by our relatives and friends so I guess that we are something like plants.

Anyway, I know that I can grow. I am not growing alone.


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