The day the lights went out

Today I was listening to a talk by a Benedictine Monk about the Creed. Before the virus, I probably would not have had time to really listen to his talk. I would have put his audio on while I worked on something. Today, I listened and then thought about it.

Adam and Eve died. They suffered death. We all have to suffer death at one point. I don’t want to go. I have seen the faces of people who are dying and also people who have died before the cosmetician from the funeral parlor showed up. Some people looked peaceful. But most looked shocked. One man looked like he was in the worst pain ever. No.

So anyway, all these people had suffered that scary event, that final frightening meeting with death and were waiting for Jesus Christ to show up. In the Creed we say it. Jesus Christ descends into Hell. He brings all of these people out. All of the souls of the just follow Him up to the Glory of Heaven. We believe it.

We are waiting right now, too. We have all been asked politely to stay home. We have seen many die from this virus and now we have to honor them by surviving to tell their stories to the next generation.


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