I got a letter in the mail.

Dear friend,

We don’t know each other, but I have something that I know you will be delighted to read about. I have been living with a secret my entire adult life and now I will no longer have to hide. Neither do you.

You and I have both been battered by the same man for the last 37 years. Last night, he came to my apartment as he has done so many times before. He was coy and charming. He brought the kind of flowers that I like. But soon, when he had tequila and what he wanted physically, he was at it again.

He punched me in the stomach like so many times before, but this time, this time, it was different. I smashed the tequila bottle on the side of his slick and handsome face. I grabbed the chair and crashed it on his head. Finally, I took a knife and stabbed at him until I was exhausted and could no longer lift my arms.

He is now dead and you and I are very comfortable. Last year, I made the effort to get him to sign an insurance policy leaving his controlling interest in Amazon to you and me. Last night, I called upon a friend who has signed the documents testifying that he saw two men attacking and robbing him on the street below. He also said that he dragged him up to my room, but all efforts to resuscitate him had been ineffective.

I have good friends. Now, you and I are both free.


Your friend.

Please destroy this letter. Thanks.


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