Jesus Christ touched me personally. Can you believe it? God actually reached down and touched me in the form of the Eucharist.

Imagine that. A God is the highest, cleanest and most powerful person and He wasn’t just content enough with the situation to be at the top of a mountain, watching me struggle. No. He decided to come down in the flesh as the Son to give us a way. Then, the Son left Himself in the Bread so that we can find strength and life there always.

For me, I had always searched for something that would give meaning to my life. Then, I went from place to place, Buddhist temples, Pentecostal meeting halls, small Baptist churches, and then, finally, after much more,  I went to the church my mother had taken me as a child. It was St. John Bosco and beautiful.

I experienced the sensation of coming home.

After the RCIA, I received the Lord in Body and Blood. He touched me. God was in me then and will be with me always. I love Him.

My life isn’t perfect. I don’t show others what the typical Catholic is supposed to look like, but I am so happy. Even in the hard situation. The only time that I struggled was when I was raped.

It was hard not to cry, then. But, I went back to the Church and prayed, prayed and prayed and was delivered from sadness. Thanks God.

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