Escaping the Ordinary

This blog is about finding the extraordinary in each ordinary action and reaction. What is so special about one life on a planet of billions?

I look at the pictures the priests send me of children in far away places that they are trying to help and they need $10 or something ridiculous like that. I mean, you pay more than twice that for a meal for two people.

These kids…

I imagine the child waking up, eating breakfast, washing up, etc. Maybe she doesn’t like to brush her teeth and they have to talk her into it. Maybe she is the one who talks someone else into it.

Her life is precious to me and to many people. This is the way that each of us means to God. So, each thing that we do is important to God in so many ways. Also, each thing that we do is important to everyone else.

Billions of people connected in a gigantic weave of color and energy. If anything happens to one of us, a little light goes out.

So, all of these ordinary things that we do are extraordinary. So many people spend so much time trying to escape the ordinary without realizing that the only way to do this is to revel in it.

Enjoy your watermelon.

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