Waterfalls and beaches

Yesterday, I was listening to a video put out by United States Presidential Candidate, Mark Charles. He is a dual citizen. He is a citizen of the United States and of the Navajo Nation. I know, wow.

So, this guy really impressed me because of what he said in his talk. He talked about how we are going to be changed by the pandemic. He said that we shouldn’t even think about going back to the way things were before because this new way has been forced upon us and we can’t just cling to something that probably never existed.

A bigger thought though in his talk was his question. It was an inspiring and challenging question. He asked the following.

“What is your storyline in this?”

He went on to say that we have to think about how our actions impact the global community. Now, everything we do is so important. Will we be “serene” or will we add to the drama , my word?

Finally, he said that, “this is not a sprint.” We will be in this mode for at least a year, he says. Now, I think that they will come up with a vaccine earlier than that, but we shall see.

Now, why would I title this post “Waterfalls and Beaches” when all I have talked about is Mark Charles?

A waterfall is gibbering and constantly skipping over stones. A beach is constant also, but it sighs, never gibbers. I want to be as big as the ocean.

Hey Perry.

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