These women are all in. They get up everyday and do what they have to do for their families, for their communities, for their nations. Their children are wolfbabies. They are being taught the rules of the hunt.

1. Do not cheat.

2. Take the ball when it’s your turn.

3. Go for it.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice.

5. Have fun with it.

So, I met one of them when I was taking piano lessons. I met another over Avon. I met the last one so long ago, my aunt. My mother is the one. She is my wolf-mother.

The piano teacher is a thin woman who lives on a boat and just has no time for superfluous pomposity. She lives for life and is hard but so kind it hurts. She saves butterflies.

The Avon lady just helps other women look good in their own eyes. She has decided that this company is great and she works tirelessly. She is an engine. She smiles though.

My aunt made me a large blanket. We live in Florida. Who needs a blanket? She was incredible. She held her three sons together and she started selling Avon. She made so much money! I think that she made me a blanket because I spent so much time in the air conditioned room, reading and writing.

My mother was a concert pianist in Cuba. She was graceful and delicate like fine ironwork. It looks fragile, but it’s hard to break.

Avon lady

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