Paranoia about Jesus

Why do you think that God is out to get you?

All of this bad stuff happens to people. You know what I mean. People get cancer, children are born into poverty. War. Disease. Environmental destruction, nukes, pollution, death. Unemployment. Famine.

So, you ask yourself, why, if God is good.

Sometimes, it’s the little petty problems that knock the faith out of you. You get a skin flare-up on the day of your interview. Your boyfriend finds someone new. You lose the game. Your shoe that you bought for two weeks pay was soaked and now it’s ruined.

Anyway, this is about pandemics.

Someone gave me some reasons why. Another said that it was all random. There is no punishment, only chance.

I am not even going to discuss it because it is so wonderful to be alive regardless of all of that. I know people who have cancer and people who are desperately poor. I know people who are in situations that you would think would make you break. They won’t. These people awake with grace and gratitude every day. They are the souls beloved by the Lord.

I labeled my COVID-19 mask today with lipstick. I saw a bus driver wearing a green mask with bright shiny sequins. There is this tenacity among us. We will get through this.

How do we know that the thing that bothers our sensibilities is in front of us and still not look away? God isn’t looking away from us.

Is that why we feel uncomfortable? Because we feel naked?

Some cultures have people wearing a lot less clothes. Is that the answer? Learn to strip away all that junk that we think is so important that keeps us between God and us.




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