All Creatures of Our God

So far, a spider surprised me in the bathroom, a lizard scurried across the keyboard, a termite peeked around the corner of my notebook’s paper and an unidentified bug landed on my thigh. Then, after I thought that it was over, I went to eat a piece of Easter candy and found the bag crawling with ants.

Nothing was particularly distressing. It is just Spring. There are all of these creatures trying to get by. I left them all alone. Some of the ants were drowned, and I hope that they forgive me. I hold them in high estimation because they are pretty industrious and are usually at work.

My fiance wanted a million kisses, but he had to settle for about 24. Every day, I write him a love letter. He seems to like them. Yesterday, he wrote me a poem. I was so happy! It was really pretty.

He and I are creatures, too. We just make things more complicated.

I saw my friend’s picture on Facebook, and she looks beautiful. The virus makes it important to update our pictures, because we can’t see each other. The days bring differences to us. They add to the multitude of changes that pile up on our skins and psyches. If we don’t keep track of them, they are just lost.

Do ants keep little diaries back at their nests?

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