The way to go

Can we have peace? Peace and love for all the people means sacrifice. One person has to give up something of value for the other person and then there is reciprocity. There should be an exchange.

If this happens, we might have a beginning. The virus has kind of forced us, the globe, to do things that we have not seen for a long time. We have seen recently people giving of themselves to help others, showing bravery and tenacity.

The other day, there was a report on the news about this teacher retiring. She  taught second grade and was going to miss “her kids.”

Well, these kids got together and made her a goodbye video. She was in tears during her interview from the confines of her living room.

Yesterday, I spoke with my friend and he reminded me that we usually run from situations that make us uncomfortable. If the marriage makes us uncomfortable, we ditch our spouse. If the job is a pain, we try to move up or move out. Well, this virus is making us sit with our discomfort and try to make things better.

We can have peace. We started on the journey already. We’re trying to make each other laugh, keeping each other in the loop, showing each other who we really are, singing in the dark to keep away the boogie man and reading to broaden inner horizons.

Today, I am going to do my share of singing along with my faves. Today, I hope and work for peace. Today, I am going to make someone smile with joy.


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