Happy Easter!

All of these tales circle around my brain.

Imagine if you have walked with a wonderful person for three years. You have shared so many wonderful experiences with him. You have watched him heal the sick, teach those who do not know. Even, on more than one occasion, you have seen him bring back someone who had died. He is more than a friend. You idolize the guy.

Then, one day, a night, he is taken into custody, charged, beaten and condemned to a horribly cruel death.

You watch him die. You carry his lifeless, mangled corpse into a grave. You are stricken with a gratitude for having known him and an immense sorrow for having lost him. Three years.

Three years. You wish that you had had three hundred.

Now, you have to care for his mother.

You sit in your room with your grief for two days, then…

On the third day, a friend rushes into your room with an incredible story. You run out to verify. I mean, you trust her, but this sounds insane.

His corpse is gone. He is risen. Death had no power over him. Your friend is something beyond what you understand. He is God.

Now, you have to change how you do things. You are going to love a and walk as He walked.

Now you are waiting.


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