The quest to be authentic

I am not me. I am me right now. I am not a static image, but a three dimensional representation. Also, in addition to my visible form, there is an unseen emotional element and a spiritual core. All of these things change over time. The person that sat in my space last year is no longer with us. The butterfly has sprouted wings.

I am sorry that I led you so far from home. I am sorry that I took away so many of the things that you cared about. I am sorry that I couldn’t be the person that you thought I was trying to be. I am sorry that I failed.

This post is for you. You know who you are. I cannot ever go back to being a hungry caterpillar. I am now just flying about trying to avoid the predators and trying to find nourishment among the thistles, just like you.

We flew together and landed hard. You have apologies for me. I don’t want you to feel bad. If the apology helps you go forward and leave the hurt behind, then voice it.

I loved you then. I can’t love you now. I simply pray for you. May God bless you.


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