Summer time

It is ninety four right now and the little weather app says that it feels like ninety eight. Spring just started. I don’t know why we are feeling this heat. We’ve been talking about making changes in the way we transport ourselves for years. They have been making more fuel efficient cars, more cars that rely on alternative fuels and more cars that emit less harmful substances into the atmosphere. Did you see my sentence? The phrases all start with “more.”

I wish that we could just stop the madness and just take the bus, carpool or just give up the car and figure out another way. But, I get it. Cars are just so fast! They get you where you want to and when you want to go. You don’t have to wait, so they give you the illusion of freedom. Well, it’s hard to be free if your land is under water.

Florida is supposed to be under water in the near future, if the projections made by climate change experts are valid.  Leaders in the community where I live have come up with plans to respond to the fact that the weather is going to alter the land on which we stand. I haven’t read them because they are the leaders, and I am supposed to be the worker bee. It’s my role. Well, I am going to change my role.

I just started reading Wolf pack. It is a book by a female Olympic gold medalist in soccer. Funny how the stuff that you read affects you.

Comment below if you are going to do one thing to help Our Mother, Nature.


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