Friends forever

When you find someone who is going to stay with you regardless of what is happening in your life or how bad you’re screwing up, you have to try to hold onto that person. A true friend is a treasure that is difficult to find.

Over the last five years, I have learned about cruelty and evil. For a long time, I thought that all people were basically good and circumstances drove people into unhealthy and evil activity. Well, I have found that there are some people who are malicious and really want to hurt other people especially those whom they believe are getting in their way. That being said, let’s all love those people into change!

Some people placed me in a situation that I could not fight my way out of, talk my way out of or walk away from. I simply had to endure and overcome. The evil that I was subjected to was pretty horrible and those people got away with it and even look like heroes. I just started to pray for their needs. Every day, I would get down on my knees and pray for them. I knew that they were responsible for my misfortune. But, didn’t I place myself in a position to be hurt? I wanted to be their friend. If I had gone about my business and stayed away from them, I would never have been hurt.

So, through this whole experience, there were two men and one woman who stuck by me and never let me die. I was close to death, but they helped me. They listened to me, rubbed salves on me, helped me to eat and take medicines. They were just incredible. They didn’t all do the same thing. One talked to me, the other helped me eat, the woman advised me.

Friends are just the best. So, all of those people who are out to be a force for evil are positioned against those people who are out to help and heal. You just have to be on the side of good and work towards a kinder world with every ounce of energy that you have.

Love you friends.


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