I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stay awake. I was exhausted, but my eyes were wired open. Every time that they closed, horrific visions would come to my awareness.

I saw hungry insects, large misshapen fleshy creatures with mad smiles and warty faces and I saw shadows. These creatures were all around me. They brought fear. I was conscious of the fact that none of these visions were real, but I still experienced the fear and the discomfort.

I called everyone I knew.

My friends made me laugh. They told me to listen to a music that made me relax. My friend made me look at fine art. I was staring at this Van Gogh painting with some crows and cornfields on it. Beautiful painting. Another friend made me see that the reason why I was having the horrific visions was guilt. He was a retired police officer and he saw people go through similar experiences when given the sort of drug that I took.

Accidentally, I took an herbal supplement that had guarana in it. I have a disorder and take meds. The guarana interacted with my meds and I became ill. I was taking the supplement to try to stay awake longer and increase my productivity.

My other friend has had a stroke. I don’t get to see him much. Well, that’s going to change after the curve flattens.

What do we sacrifice for those large caffeinated beverages that leave us strung out and hyper?

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